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Essay example - Surgical Safety

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Health Sciences & Medicine
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Surgical patients may be admitted to the hospital in emergency situations suffering from traumatic injuries received in an accident or from a condition requiring immediate surgery, such as acute appendicitis. In this instance patients may be taken to the operating room with limited preparation…

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The operating department practitioner (ODP) should be alert to any fears or apprehensions expressed by the patient and transmit such information to the surgeon (Lyons, 1997). The patient and his family should be encouraged to communicate freely with the physician.
The preparation and care of the patient before surgery has one major goal to promote the best possible physical and psychological state of the patient prior to surgical therapy. To achieve this goal, the patient's individual needs must be ascertained and his strengths and limitations evaluated. A plan of care can then be developed to assist the patient in adjusting physically and emotionally to the surgical experience.
Preparation for surgery should begin as soon as the patient is told that an operation is necessary. The anticipation of any surgical procedure will result in an emotional reaction of some kind, and much can be done to alleviate fears prior to admission as well as during hospitalization. The patient's reaction will depend on many factors, including his personality structure and his pattern of reaction to stressful events in the past. A surgical operation is a stressful situation in which the patient may believe that he is in danger of acute pain, serious damage to the body, disability, and death. In addition there is a fear of the unknown. ...
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