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Organopathy and its relation to Homeopathy

Organopathy is often regarded as one of the alternate methods of medical practise, having its own set of principles and concepts unique to it. It has been linked to mysticism and the occult, but nevertheless has some scientific basis on most of its methods. This link to the occult and mysticism is probably because its founder, Paracelsus is a well known wise man who delved into astrology, various natural sciences, medicine etc. Organopathy also has also close ties to homeopathy, another alternate method of medicine that believes in the use natural diagnosis and treatment methods. These two alternate medicinal practises have both similarities and differences to each other. Although this is the case, both organopathy and homeopathy work hand in hand in the treatment of disease just like Chinese traditional herbal medications. Unfortunately, organopathy and homeopathy has been also regarded as 'quack practises' by puristic practitioners of modern medicine. This paper sheds light on the similarities and differences of organopathy and homeopathy, their significance to the practise of medicine.
Organopathy is defined as a method of alternative medicine in which it is believed that 'sarcodes' (normally functioning body organs) and 'sarcode derivatives' (secretions from these organs) are in constant harmony and that the disruption of this h ...
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The main purpose of this essay is to understand the practice of organopathy, how it came about, its principles, who were its founders, and determine its relationship and to role within the field of homeopathy. The first portion of the essay examines how organopathy first came about and who were the main contributors to it…
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