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Support in the care of the nephrology patient

There was stated that "Management of renal disease requires a multi-professional team including many other professionals in addition to doctors/nurses. This is often poorly appreciated by those commissioning renal services, leading to shortages of key staff." (CPG, 2003)
Kidneys play an essential role for life. Excretion of toxic products of metabolism, the maintenance of water-electrolyte balance, secretion of rennin and erythropoetin - these functions could be impaired in the cases of the severe renal diseases. Until the late 1950s the diagnosis of established renal failure was a synonym of death sentence. Nowadays advanced medical technologies could extend the lives of the patients and improve their life quality. Older patients having multiple pathologies could be treated effectively. Sick infants and children got chance for life.
The epidemiology of renal diseases is characterised with the prevalence of chronic forms. This fact can be explained by the prolongation of patients' lives and by the association between chronic renal diseases and other nosologies, e.g. cardiovascular diseases or diabetes mellitus. By the official data (DOH, 2005) there are more than 2,500,000 people in England who suffers with chronic kidney diseases. Frankel, Brown & Wingfield (2005) assessed the prevalence of chronic kidney disease as 0.2-0.5% of general population. ...
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Renal diseases attract attention of the researchers since beginning of scientific era in health care. After Richard Bright and his contemporaries the scientific horizons became wider. Medicine has got effective technologies of diagnostics and treatment, e.g…
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