Legislative Healthcare Reforms

Health Sciences & Medicine
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The cost of providing medical care has over become a burden to the majority of the common American because individual coverage is mostly expensive and is sometimes unavailable due to pre-existing conditions…


Nutrition is fundamental therefore the legislation and health care initiatives aiming to improve the health of Americans should ensure that the issue of health literacy is tackled. The American health insurance industry should adopt the universal coverage approach that ensures so long as an individual has a policy he is covered per-existing conditions, notwithstanding. There should also be a provision for the uninsured as well. The legislation should also ensure that there are no disparities in terms of quality of medical care offered to all Americans. To mitigate the spread of chronic diseases early detection methods must be embraced and this may help to tackle the diseases early and prevent it from progressing to a more expensive and terminal condition. For any meaningful health care reforms, the emphasis should be on preventing and managing chronic conditions. There should be a standardized level of care across the country meaning that incase of similar conditions, they should warrant the same prognoses and treatment this avoids unnecessary medical procedures and expenditure. Congress need to approve additional resources aimed at building a health IT system that will aim to improve individual healthcare. ...
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