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The health profession, as a whole, is based on care and compassion; it is like a framework through which health personnel implement the art and science of their professional practice. Care is therefore and integral part of the nursing profession. It can be described as the vehicle through which nurses interact with their clients.


According to Benner and Wrubel (1989), "caring is action that nurtures; action that fosters growth, recovery, health and protection of those who are vulnerable", adding weight to this assertion, Roach stated that "Caring is the empowering of those for whom care is given". I would like to state here, that this essay takes confidentiality into consideration, and shall uphold it with diligence.
Further emphasising the importance of care in the provision of nursing care, Roach categorised the attributes of care to what can be referred to as the 6C's of care in the health profession. The attributes of care, as illustrated by Roach include: Compassion, Competence, Conscience, Commitment, Comportment and Confidence (Roach, 2002) Let's take a look at each of these attributes as described by Roach.
Compassion means to be with another in their suffering. It is empathy and sensitivity to human pain and joy that allows one to enter into the experience of another. It is the understanding of whom that person truly is, for whom one is caring. "With compassion, one becomes a colleague of humanity" (Roach, 1992). Compassion is an essential component of the nurse/client relationship.
Competence is acquiring and using evidence-based scientific and humanistic knowledge and skill in the application of therapeutic interventions in the current practice of nursing. ...
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