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Effective health promotion or education issues - Essay Example

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Health Sciences & Medicine
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The Labour Government plan to achieve this through it’s public health policy in a “third way” (Connelly 1999). Labour’s policies are aimed at strengthening communities, and encouraging individuals to seize opportunities and take responsibility for their action…

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Effective health promotion or education issues

What is health promotion In brief, health promotion is usually either a government initiative or commercial idea to make people aware and responsible for their own health. This can be approached by many methods such as providing information about health risks and hazards, by getting people to participate in learning techniques or organizing individuals to act collectively in order to change their physical and social environments. Before the theories and definitions of health promotion can be looked at the concept of health must be understood. A concept can be defined as an idea, or mental image of reality, it is the building blocks and elements of a theory (Rodwell 1996). Definitions of health arise from many different perspectives. For some individuals the definition of health is the absence of illness or disease. This definition sends powerful signals that health is about not having a disease. This view that health is the absence of illness or disease, and that medical treatment can restore good health has been criticized because the word health is actually derived from whole, and healing giving rise to the idea that health concerns the whole person (Naidoo & Wills 1994). This definition of health is multi-dimensional, in that it is not solely concerned with physical health, but also addresses mental, social, emotional and spiritual health (Kendall & Latter 1997). This is in keeping with The World Health Organisation (WHO 1946) definition of the concept of health as "Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity". ...
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