Describe the abnormalities of reproductive anatomy that are encountered in infertility and how these may affect treatment outcome - Essay Example

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Describe the abnormalities of reproductive anatomy that are encountered in infertility and how these may affect treatment outcome

It is rather difficult to absolutely recover from serious abnormalities whereas some abnormalities are inherited and/or incurable. The guideline of the paper is to describe reproductive abnormalities of males and females and to evaluate IVF success.
It is known that general reproductive abnormalities fall the following categories such as gonadal, chromosomal, hermaphroditism, external genitalia, tract abnormalities, gonadal dysfunction, gonadal descent. It is mentioned that some reproductive abnormalities are connected with gonad development that can affect the later sexual development either of man or woman. Gonad development can lead to infertility. Other reproductive abnormalities are connected with external genitalia and the tract which can also be caused by gonadal abnormality. (Carlsen 1992)
Abnormalities do make the treatment process more complication and log-lasting, because it is necessary to cure abnormality firstly and only then start curing infertility. Abnormalities do slow the process of recovery. The success of treatment depends absolutely on the professionalism of doctors and the patient as well.
It is necessary to point out that infertility is inability to have children for men and to become pregnant for women or to carry pregnancy. Normal healthy couples are said to have about 25% chance to have a child each month. ...
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It is known that about 15% of married couples are infertile and can't have children. About 60% of infertility causes are connected with inadequate ovulation, cervical factors and/or blocked fallopian tubes. About 42% of infertility is connected with male problems such as bad sperm functioning, abnormal structure of sperm and inadequate sperm counts…
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