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Clinical Practice Study

The patient-centered care process was transforming and it was expressed through the themes of closeness, therapeutic care and team work. Being close displayed the sudden and devastating nature of injury and the need for the staff to let go of their emotions in order that they may maintain a positive momentum. Therapeutic care provided the necessary link between the staff and the patients, and it was combined with a proactive dynamic approach to care. Team work identified the importance of maintaining expertise and at the same time making the system work for patients to ensure quality care.
In this study, they concluded that it was possible to provide a frame work for individuals and units to develop and better recovery promoting practice, and they said that it could apply in other areas similar to that.
However, there are other approaches that can promote quality care that were not mentioned in this paper. One of them is the evidence-based practice. This is practice based on research and evidence from experiences from the work that the practitioners do. This study was based on examining the role of advanced practice nurses, that of the frontline staff and the role of the patients in the promotion of evidence based practice.
Gerrish K and Lacey A 2007, in the article, The Research Process in Nursing (5th Edition) ...
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In their Journal of Advanced Nursing, Tutton E, Seers K, and Langstaff aimed to explore the daily experiences of patients and staff in the unit dedicated to the care of adult patients who had sustained injuries. Their concern was on the increasing individuals suffering traumatic injury and who needed increased intensive care and rehabilitation…
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