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The aim of the work is to consider the nursing case study, and to make the best decision in the critical situation described through the use of one of the decision-making models. The key words are: decision-making, model, cognitive continuum model, intuitive model, outcomes, values, probabilities.


The combination of these two theories is implied here by the suggestion that intuitive and cognitive approaches will ultimately lead to the most optimal decision in the situation described; we often use our intuition and experience to judge on the actions and take decisions, this is why our cognition, and especially in nursing practice, will always work together with intuitive ideas.
I stage. Identification of potential choices of action. First of all, the amount of information John has at his disposal does allow him to make reasonable steps in the attempt to protect young mother on the legal basis. The young lady has full right to sue the 21-year-old father of her child for physical abuse; moreover, the event took place in public with lots of witnesses. The teenage mom states that her mate takes drugs on the daily basis. In relation to John the moral and mental stress has caused him chest pain, and taking into account he has already had serious problems with his cardio health, the whole situation won't work for his benefit. ...
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