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Research Paper example - Should the federal government legalize the use of marijuana for health care use?

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Should the federal government legalize the use of marijuana for health care use? Research Paper example
Research Paper
Health Sciences & Medicine
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The paper operates mainly based on research question: should the federal government legalize the use of marijuana for health care use? This paper deals with this contemporary problem and how legalizing Marijuana will aid the humans a lot in the above mentioned aspects…

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The paper tells that marijuana or cannabis sativa with its narrow serrated leaves grows in almost all parts of the world. Marijuana is the “dry, shredded green and brown mix of flowers, stems, seeds, and leaves derived from the hemp plant Cannabis sativa”. The chief active ingredient is Delta – 9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). As Ashton, states THC can alter the person’s mood because it acts as the primary psychoactive agent. It binds to the cannabinoid receptor of the brain and acts as a partial agonist. Kumar, Chambers, Pertwee provides further perspective about the role of THC by stating that THC binds to the receptors that are present at the neuronal lipid membranes and acts as neuromodulators. These receptors are found to be responsible for the psychomotor, cognitive and physiological effects in human beings. So, after binding to these receptors, THC releases the dopamines through which THC can alter the memory, learning, cognition, food intake, body temperature maintenance, endocrine functions and motor behaviour. Marijuana is used as a medicine from ancient time and the Western world is using Marijuana for medicinal purposes from 1850. Goode states that Marijuana has played a medicinal role in every area of the world in which it was grown, including U.S., where from Colonial days until well into the first half of the Twentieth century, it was used to cure a variety of health ailments. Kumar, Chambers, Pertwee states that it was the prescription drug in USA till 1941 but it was removed from the pharmacopeia list on 1941 when Marijuana Tax Act was brought in by the Congress. ...
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