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Pain Management

There are various sources of pain. In the same manner there are different types of pain experienced by normal human being.
In today's modern world, people can also have varied reactions to pains depending on the source or type of pain and other external factors such availability of medicine, or medical practitioners or the capability of one's body to disregard the pain. With the intensity of effect of the pain into man's psychological, physical and physiological well-being, it is then important to understand the pain and pain management's life and behavioral sciences' point of view.
The results of this study will prove to be beneficial to practitioners in the medical field such as the nurses and/or the nursing students. Information that will be gathered in this study will help such practitioners in understanding the patients very well, the kinds of pain they may be into, and how to assist them when they are in pain. The results of this study will, of course, ultimately play an important role both in the nursing profession and the patients as well.
This research undertaking will also be significant to educational institution. Teachers and/or educators of the aspiring medical practitioners can use this research paper as a reference material in imparting knowledge to the students. ...
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Pain is defined as the unwanted 'sensory and emotional experience' which can be linked to the actual or even probable tissue damage (Merskey and Bogduk, 1994). To put it into a broader context, pain is an unpleasant feeling which can range from mild to localized discomfort and ultimately, to agony…
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