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Over the next few paragraphs please provide details of your injury and how it affected you. I need your help to make the statement as detailed as possible. This is our best opportunity to obtain the maximum amount we can for you for this claim. The more detail we have the better I can argue with the insurers with regard to the valuation of the claim and the more likely we are to achieve a figure that truly represents the pain you went through.


We can then move to how you had progressed by the first anniversary of the accident and finally an up to date position.
Just immediately after accident, I felt a jolting in the neck, and there was immediate pain in the back of my neck. I was not able to move my neck freely, and it felt very tight. Along with that there was pain that started at the back of my neck and it started feeling it along my right arm. I fixed an appointment with my GP, and meanwhile I continued to suffer.
When I woke up the following day, aside from the pain in the neck, I was feeling a pain along with tingling sensation down both sides of my legs. The stiffness in the neck seemed to have worsened, and it was very difficult walking and moving my neck even at home.
Please describe your symptoms daily for the first week including how you felt each morning and progressing throughout the day, how you were treating your injury ie painkillers etc and if so how many per day were you taking Please describe things you were unable to do at first such as attend work, lift, sleep, sitting for long periods etc
I was put on painkillers four times a day. The whole week I suffered. ...
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