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Health policy and religion

David Kinsley through his article, “Healing in Contemporary North American Christianity” has tried to emphasize that healing process on a human body depends very much on God who is supposed to make all new things.The sufferings have some relation with past sins and healing through divine god is something like the inner dying of the old and resurrection through new life. One would get healed not by understanding the cause of illness but by total surrender into the hands of mighty god which would carve a new identity out of the old me. The core Christian value gives great importance of prayer to the healing process in human systems. Through prayers, we ask the God to break into our history. Kinsley has tried to communicate about various religious rituals and groups whether small or big, indulged in faith based healing under God’s supervision. This is like considering humans as a product of God’s production unit with prayer based healing as humans’ continued persistence with the concept of theology of God and its creation.Kinsley point of view has some relation with the resurrection of Jesus and prayers for healing the earth and finally recreating the new earth. The ancestral prayers and faith in the might of God that led to Jesus’ resurrection can be correlated with churches and institutions praying to the same power that would resurrect and bring healing to the earth ...
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David Kinsley through his article, “Healing in Contemporary North American Christianity” has tried to emphasize that healing process on a human body depends very much on God who is supposed to make all new things…
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