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Community care

As a result some families hide their mentally ill people away, imprisoning them in homes in miserable conditions. One major reason for this attitude is the enormous cost associated with the care of such people. It is one of the most devastating afflictions know to mankind. More than 450 million people around the world suffer from some kind of mental or behavioral disorder (Encarta, 2005). Mental illness goes alarmingly undermined, untreated and misunderstood. Difficulties in diagnoses, as well as cultural stigmas contribute to the widening gap between the problem and the resources devoted to it. Researchers who study the Global Burden of Disease (GBD), estimate that mental illness accounts for 11.5 % of the total global burden, and the numbers are growing. (http:/ Thus, making mental disability a serious issue in today's world.
In the 18th century many unique and shocking methods were adopted, such as gyrating chair and collapsing bridges, which would plunge the patient in icy water unexpectedly. The rational behind such methods was that, these frightening experiences would restore their sanity. Other treatments included making mental patient frightened and thereby improving their behaviour through submission, as it was believed it will cure their mental illness.
At that time the physicians became interested lunacy portrayed mentally ill indivi ...
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This essay will discuss the Community Care efforts being made especially focusing endeavors made in United Kingdom. The article starts with historical review of the mentally ill people and the society attitude towards them; and how it evolved over the course of last 200 years…
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