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United Kingdom health service

Healthcare has recently turned into perhaps the most critical aspect of public policy in the UK due to two major issues: the finance and provision of health care. On the finance side, there is currently recognition that health care in the UK has been underfunded in comparison with most other Western European countries for at least the last two decades (Dixon & Mossialos, 2002). On the health care provision side, the National Health Service (NHS) admits lack of workforce and, what is even more important, insufficient quality of service and targets to effectively rectify these problems though the improvement initiatives are perceived by many as barely achievable in the timescale set by the government (Timmins, 2001).Although majority of the challenges facing the UK healthcare system are perceived as the result of economic factors, poor funding is not the sole factor to be held responsible. Vast economic, social, technological, and economic changes occurring in world nowadays seem to contribute to the difficulties experienced by the health care industry too. The key feature underlying these modifications is increased attention to human resources.Managerial effectiveness is one of the core factors that determine effectiveness of modern organisation, including the National Health Service. The National Health Service (NHS) is the common name of the publicly funded health care systems of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. ...
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Healthcare has recently turned into the most critical aspect of public policy in the UK due to two major issues:the finance and provision of health care.On the finance side,there is currently recognition that health care in the UK has been underfunded in comparison with most other Western European countries for at least the last two decades…
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