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Use of 3D scanner in dentistry

3D scanners are devices that analyze objects of interest in order to collect data on its shape and appearance so that 3-dimensional, digital models are constructed, useful for a wide variety of applications.In dentistry, the conventional intraoral and panoramic radiography offer two-dimensional view of the oral structures. Because of uperimposition, both technologies have a limited value in detecting subtle anatomical and pathological structures (Hirsch 2007). Digital 3D has increasingly been prominent in dental radiology since the advent of computed tomography. Soft tissue volumetric data and surface topography can be measured accurately, whereas in 2-dimensional radiography, only linear angles, areas and distances can be measured. The ability to capture images in 3 dimensions has opened up new ways for observation and analyses.
Prosthodontics:There are at least 2 methods of usage of the 3D scanner in prosthodontic restorations. One is the use of the scanner in the laboratory and the second is the use of intraoral camera in the dental office. In the first method, the process begins in the dental chair wherein if a crown, for example is needed, the damaged tooth is drilled and a plastic impression from the patient is taken. The impression is then sent to the laboratory where a stone master model and a crown made of wax are created using conventional methods. The 3D process starts with the scanner, where a model of the tooth stump is captured for 3 minutes with an accuracy of 20 micrometers (Geomagic 2004). ...
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3D scanners are devices that analyze objects of interest in order to collect data on its shape and appearance so that 3-dimensional,digital models are constructed,useful for a wide variety of applications.In dentistry,the conventional intraoral and panoramic radiography offer two-dimensional view of the oral structures.
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