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Occupational Health Systems

About 60% of these costs are caused by ill health and 40% by injuries.
The costs of human pain grief and suffering, though difficult to assesses, are estimated by the HSE to have been between 6.3 and 10.2 trillion pounds in 1995/96. Again, some 60% of these are caused by ill health and 40% by injuries. Finally, sick pay that employers pay to workers with occupational illnesses and injuries is high and growing every year as the medical system becomes increasingly bogged down in high pharmaceutical costs. In 1996, the total cost to British industry of suck pay was 1.2 trillion pounds.
As in most countries of the world, employees in small-scale industries are especially susceptible to workplace hazards (WHO). These are industries which tend not to require trade skills, and tend most not to be subject to, or at least tend not to conform to occupational health-and-safety provisions.
Workplace health hazards tend to differ from the hasards found in the non-work environment. ...
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'You have been asked by the Executive Board to produce a report clearly explaining the role of the occupational health function, and how it contributes to corporate objectives. Show how you would do this.'
The first task is to determine the extent of the problem…
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