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Drug abuse

Among youth alcohol consumption and academic performance are two inversely proportional variables. The increasing alcohol consumption value causes the immediate academic performances reduce. But here we have another problem: How can we operationally define and measure these two variables? Solving this problem gives us a prompt to break the dependence between these phenomena, and therefore decrease the level of alcohol consumption and improve academic performance. Any method of analysis must be based on statistical data. That’s why the first stage is gathering any kind of data (statistical, scientific, analytic, forecast) to create an adequate model, which correlates two main variables (alcohol consumption and academic performance) with the help of significant parameters. So, what kind of data can satisfy our goal, can be representative, objective and enough to create an exact, true and accurate model, which can give an opportunity to make a reasonable forecast in future?
Of course, such a kind of data should be gathered with the help of questionary. But there is a great variety of questionaries, which differs with size, questions, type, and canvass methods. Each questionary characteristics set is suitable for the certain problem.
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A recent National Institute on drug abuse report indicated that 80% had consumed alcohol. Although for some adolescents’ substance use may last for only a brief period of experimentation alcohol, use may lead to addiction. …
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