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Essay example - Ethical Problems in Outsourcing Expatriate Nurses

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Health Sciences & Medicine
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Outsourcing has become an increasingly adopted way of work in the global marketplace. Several countries in the United States, UK, Europe, and Middle East have been regularly recruiting foreign-educated nurses in large numbers to meet the domestic gaps in availability of registered nurses…

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This paper attempts to identify one ethical problem that arises from the practice of recruiting nurses from other countries. Ethical problems have to be resolved by invoking the application of ethical principles. An attempt is therefore being made here to discuss the ethical problem using one such ethical principle.
The subject matter is examined in the light of available online studies and reports relating to the issue of outsourcing nursing staff. For instance, the Outsourcing Journal has a story by Todd Hintze, entitled "Healthcare providers' perfect storm and how outsourcing can help weather the winds." NewsFactor Magazine Online however points to the "Possibilities and pitfalls of outsourcing." The American Journal of Nursing cited "The global reach of nursing shortage." Ludwick and Silva wrote a well-researched article on "Nursing around the world: Cultural values and ethical conflicts." Details of the literature reviewed are given under 'References' at the end of this paper.
The shortage of qualified and competent registered nurses in hospitals has emerged as a major problem being faced by healthcare institutions worldwide, especially after the start of the new millennium. In the United States, for instance, this has taken on the color of a significant staffing crisis. ...
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