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Assignment example - Helthy Diet Promotion

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Health Sciences & Medicine
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The older dult popultion is expected to more thn double between now nd 2040, tripling the number of people ge 85 yers nd older (Henderson, Jorm, 1998). This trend, combined with the socil nd helth cre needs tht ccompny dvnced ge, poses present nd imminent chllenges to the socil work profession…

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The direct cost of lzheimer cre in the UK ws estimted t 15 billion ( 22 billion)(Melding, 2005)
Helth cre socil workers in community nd institutionl settings serve in the role of strengthening nd supporting fmily members cring for people with dementi. Therefore, it is essentil tht prctitioners understnd the effects nd the dynmic nd chnging nture of cregiving so tht interventions my be tilored ppropritely to meet the needs of those t vrious junctures in the cregiving experience. For exmple, competent nursing home socil workers must be knowledgeble bout the psychosocil effects of plcement on cregivers so they cn develop pproprite nd supportive services for fmily members. To the sme extent nurses should be wre of dieting effects on dementi tht cuse progression of disese if not tken into creful considertion. In the following pper I m going to tke look into the importnce of nursing in promoting helthy diet for older people with dementi. Discussion will be bsed round the disese of dementi of the older popultion since these re the people tht re more reluctnt to this type of mentl disorder.
First, let me clrify few terms. 'Dementi' is term used mediclly to describe syndrome (set of symptoms) tht is cused by mny different diseses. These include lzheimer's disese, vsculr dementi nd dementi with Lewy bodies. ...
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