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Nursing Application - Essay Example

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Health Sciences & Medicine
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I have always wanted to work in the field of healthcare, either as a doctor or a nurse. With this in mind, having graduated from high school I chose to study sciences for my bachelor's degree at the Guru Nanak Dev University in Amritsar, India. Within the bachelor's degree I took (which included courses in English, Botany, Chemistry and Zoology) my real interest was in Chemistry, and so I stayed on at GNDU to study for a master's degree in Chemistry…

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Nursing Application

Becoming a mother has since taken up much of my time; however, I feel that caring for my two children has taught me many valuable skills which could be transferred into the field of nursing. In fact, having children has inspired me further to work in the field of healthcare - it has shown me that looking after other people is something I love to do, and also something I am (I hope!) quite good at. Once my children started to grow up and place fewer demands on my time, I took the prerequisite course for nursing at the College of Sequoias, in California. Meanwhile, I have been trying to work in the medical field as much as possible: since I am not qualified as a doctor or nurse, I have been volunteering, at first at the local Community hospital, and now at the Doctor's hospital. My volunteer work has opened my eyes to what it is really like to be a doctor or nurse - it has shown me just how hard the work can really be, but also how rewarding. ...
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