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Healthcare Insurance

This is a serious issue for a country where elderly population is consistently increasing leading to a serious healthcare crisis. The prices of drugs have gone up alarmingly causing a major shift in source of supply. While few years ago most people would purchase their prescriptions drugs from within the United States, a significant portion is now purchasing them across the border. This is putting pharmaceutical industry at a risk too while putting additional strain on healthcare industry in general. But the drugs being prescribed are available at a very high price in the United States while the same drugs are much cheaper in Canada. People without adequate health insurance are required to pay enormously on prescription drugs. This is a serious concern for tens of hundreds of people in the United States.
The fact that is most surprising and yet disturbing is that United States spends heavily on healthcare. In 2003, US invested 15.3 percent of GDP in healthcare sector. This expenditure is likely to increase to 18.7 in next few years. The US spends more than any other western industrialized country on healthcare and yet many of its people are totally dissatisfied with the system. There is an urgent need to make the system more efficient, less expensive and to provide adequate coverage where it is needed the most. Drugs must also be subsidized in order to make it easier for those without insurance to purchase them. ...
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Healthcare insurance is an important issue in the United States and it has turned into a critical one with 45.8 million uninsured people in the country. The steady rise in number of people under the age of 65 without health insurance has called for immediate action…
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