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When the discomfort is caused by an abnormality of the mind or the body, it is known as a 'Disease'. It has been observed and added to its definition that people also get distress, dysfunction, and even dies who are afflicted with some disease. In broader terms, injuries, syndromes, symptoms, disabilities, infections, atypical variations of structures, and deviant behaviors are also used under the umbrella of the Disease.


In this regard, it only depend on the individual, whether he/she chooses healthy or less healthy dietary choices, which might be the reason of diseases in the future life.
It has also been observed by the nutritionists that culture and location plays an important role in the development of a dietary habit of a person, as some food preferences and food taboos are hold by each culture in each location. Vitamins, fuel, and minerals are required in a proper nutritional diet, in which proteins, fats, and carbohydrates play their important role in defending disease germs, in order to keep an individual healthy.
Several studies have observed and indicated that various diseases like coronary heart diseases, circulatory diseases, and different cancers are caused by improper dietary patterns of people coming from different parts of the world. In this regard, it has been investigated and experts have seen that intake of excessive fat through diet of less fruits and vegetables and high percentage of fat goods, such as, snacks, chocolates, burgers, etc. has been one of the primary causes of any disease.
Likewise, inadequate intake of fiber also causes and associates higher risk for colon cancer and other coronary heart diseases. ...
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