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There are several people in this world suffering from various chronic mental illnesses. Sometimes people suffering from such mental disorders pose threat to the entire society. In such cases, patients are treated in a secure setting were they are unable to interact with anyone in the community.


Certain risk factors are also associated with treating them in secure setting hence risk assessment and management is imperative to ensure there well-being. The Mental health act has laid down certain rules for detaining patients in secure settings.
There are certain individuals suffering from severe mental disorder and highly vulnerable. Such individuals get violent at times and harm themselves and others in the society. Patients with severe mental disorders are locked up either in a hospital unit, social service units, secure hospitals and other locked settings. [Working party on psychiatric treatment within secure settings, n. d]. This is termed as secure setting. In such isolated ambience, patients are treated for their mental disorders with the help of various personnel. This kind of set up helps the patients in their recovery and reduces the risk of harming people in the community. There are countries were national homicide rate from mentally ill patients and the violence caused by them is depreciating due to the existence of secure settings. [Working party on psychiatric treatment within secure settings, n. d]. ...
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