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Infection Control Guidelines

They undergo the threat of infection transmitted into themselves due to close proximity with the ailing patients in the hospital beds. They virtually cannot avoid contact physically or cannot avoid exposure to the bodily secretions of the patients. Even if actual infection contracted from the patients is rare, they can serve as an effective vehicle for transmission of many infections to patients who are not infected. This transmission of infection in the healthcare setting is such a problematic issue that this is termed as hospital-acquired infection that is very difficult to cure and that might result in extended stay in the hospital environment (Bischoff, W.E., Reynolds, T.M., Sessler, C.N., Edmond, M.B., and Wenzel, R.P., 2000). Aside from the economic and legal consequences, the health outcome consequences of the patients affected become perilous, and strict adherence to evidence-based guidelines would go a long way to prevent such catastrophe. These outlines were developed earlier from strategies based on observations in the hospitals or clinics. However, later on scientific researches and evidence from them laid down the guidelines of evidence-based practice for infection control. ...
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Introduction: Attention to infection control and concerns over transmission of infection to other patients or to a patient who is at risk of infection is very important in the healthcare setting. There is evidence dating back to the early part of the 19th Century of theories and practices designed to minimize infection risks associated with healthcare delivery…
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