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Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs

In early days the most prominent [...] members of this group of drugs [...] are aspirin and ibuprofen This paper [...] will show the development of NSAID [...] from 1829 where it was started [...] up to the present From the [...] simple salicin to a more complicated [...] but effective COX 1 and COX [...] 2 History of NSAID In the [...] mid 1700s Reverend Edmund Stone wrote [...] a letter to the English Royal [...] Society noting the ability of the [...] bark of the willow tree to [...] cure fever He was reiterating an [...] observation known for centuries by many [...] cultures but the actual ingredient remained [...] unknown until 1829 when Leroux isolated [...] salicin Salicin indeed proved to decrease [...] fever (Green GA 2002) Sodium salicylate [...] a predecessor to aspirin was developed [...] along with salicylic acid in 1875 [...] as a pain reliever a very [...] successful treatment of fever and gout [...] Sodium salicylate was not often popular [...] though as it has a habit [...] of irritating the stomach However [...] in 1897 a man named Felix [...] Hoffman changed the face of medicine [...] forever Hoffman was a German [...] chemist working for Bayer He [...] had been using the common pain [...] reliever of the time sodium salicylate [...] to treat his father's arthritis The [...] sodium salicylate caused his father the [...] same stomach trouble it caused other (Link) [...] people so Felix decided to try [...] and concoct a less acidic formula [...] His work led to the [...] synthesization of acetylsalicylic acid or ASA [...] This soon became the pain [...] killer of choice for physicians around [...] the globe Scientists never really understood [...] the inner workings of the drug [...] however ...
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The contribution of Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs [.] (NSAIDs) to our understanding of developmental [.] advances in the pharmaceutical sciences …
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