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Article example - Critique on nursing

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Health Sciences & Medicine
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Nurses provide the basic source of care and assistance for patients at the most crucial points in their lives. The nurses are few of the known professionals that response need of clients that is particularly urgent. Thus, the quality of care delivered by them at the workplace are expected to be highly satisfactory if not excellent since the profession deals about human life; highly regarded more than anything…

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What are the probable sources of information utilized by nurses to inform practice' This is the question focused by Shannon M. Spenceley, Katherine, A. O'Leary, Lesa L.K. Chizawsky, and Amber J. Ross, Carole A. The authors present a consolidated review of the literature regarding sources of information that nurses use to inform practice.
The proponents employed integrative review method in data collection process, whereby, secondary data were carefully acquired from conducted researches published between 1985 and 2006, and also research dissertations within the range of the same time frame. The Cumulative Index of Nursing, the Library and Information Science Abstracts, Medline, Allied Health Literature (CINAHL), the Library Literature, Educational Resources' Information Center, and Information Science databases were included in the process of literature search.
According to Cooper (2001), integrative reviews intended to synthesize evidence based on social, behavioral interventions and public policies. He added that this method should ideally undergo the following processes: 1. Problem Formulation; 2. Data Collection; 3. Data Evaluation; 4. Data Analysis; and 5. Public Presentation. ...
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