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Do Personality Changes Occur in Adults Following Traumatic Brain Injury

 The assessment criteria for interviewing an adult TBI survivor may be broken down into three elements. These are 1) the population on which the personality model is based; 2) the source of information for generating the model, and 3) the procedure used for generating the model. Other research groups may have used more complex criteria standards but, for the purpose at hand, the paper finds that this is sufficient. It is notable, in the context of this review, that most studies test personality post-TBI using scales with underlying personality models that have been specifically developed for populations groups other than those with TBI. Such scales, such as the NPRS[2] and the NBAP[3}, may not be effective in the sense that when they are deployed on TBI populations they are standardised for this purpose though they had been initially developed for other population groups (Obonwasin et al, 2007). Scales like the NEO-PI,[4] have been developed for the general population and when it is standardised for use on TBI populations the net effect is probably that of imposing a framework developed on personality relevant to the general population on personality changes usually deemed to be associated with TBI. In contrast to these non-TBI specific scales NRS[5], the CPP[6] and the HIBS[7] were all developed based on information gathered from TBI survivors. It is noted that though the CPP scale is very useful it has not led to any significant changes in the theoretical structure for TBI personality change enquiry. ...
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The main purpose of this paper is to establish whether personality changes occur in adults following traumatic brain injury (TBI). To do this the paper adopts a strategy of reviewing a set of 5-6 research studies that themselves seek to establish the same…
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