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Essay example - Nurses Attitude Towards Health and Illness

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Health Sciences & Medicine
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Social psychologists define attitude as a complex tendency of persons to behave in positive or negative ways, or to respond to social objects in their environment in a favorable or unfavorable manner. It comes from the Latin word "aptitudo" meaning fitness to engage in the execution of a given task…

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The "goal is the what; the ideal is the why." ("The Edgar Cayce Primer," Bantam Books, New York 1982.) The ideal attitude gives people a greater sense of purpose and meaning in life, making them look at illness as more of a challenge than a tragedy. Those bereft of such a lofty ideal are prone to depression and self-condemnation in the face of disease which provokes fear in them and a feeling of being victimized by something outside and beyond their control. This attitude of weakness and surrender stunts a person's psychological initiative and weakens his/her will power to render healing more difficult and painful. Our thoughts, feelings, behavior and purpose in life contribute a great deal to health or illness, Edgar Cayce declares.
To develop the ideal attitude for combating disease, we have to take some degree of responsibility for our situation by defining a course of action that takes all aspects of our experience - spiritual, mental and physical - into consideration. People who are able to make such an attitude adjustment feel more empowered to deal with their illness. ("Meditation and the Mind of Man," H.B. Puryear & M.A. Thurston, A.R.E. Press, Virginia Beach 1987.)
Functionalists believe that atti ...
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