Planning of Primary Health Care - Research Proposal Example

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Planning of Primary Health Care

The design of the study was broadly based on a case analysis, where the necessary details were researched and compared.
A qualitative design was used by the investigators to obtain results after comparisons were made. This design technique was quite useful in helping the respondents to freely express their thoughts and emotions. In addition to this, the first project showed specific themes that can be used in the further investigation of this project (Anderson et al. 2006).
Out of the different approaches for the study, the approach used for the research in Bristol was that of a purposive, stratified approach, where a mixed group of people, involving residents and professionals actively participated. The involvement of people is normally classified into different levels, namely low, medium, and high, respectively. The low level is the type wherein people do not have a direct input in the planning process. Medium level, on the other hand, comprises of the involvement of people who have been present during some of the meetings. Lastly, the high level of involvement mostly comprise of people who have been actively present during meetings, and have given their inputs regarding pertinent manners (Anderson et al. 2006).
The interviewees from Bristol were people who came from different backgroun ...
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Normally people differ in their perceptions of the various advancements made in the health system now - a- days. In lieu of this, Anderson, Shipherd, and Salisbury (2005) conducted a qualitative study, to investigate the participation of the public in the process of prognosticating primary health care…
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