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Nursing Leadership Master

The general goal of nursing is to deliver service that is caring, high quality and cost effective. Nursing leaders are faced with a complex, turbulent and constantly changing health care environment to manage
2. Organization's vision and mission act as guidelines for strategy formulation. The process of strategy formulation involves articulating a vision for the organization translating the vision into a mission that defines the organizations purpose, converting the mission into performance objectives, detailing each objective into specific goals, and formulating tactics and strategy for accomplishing the goals. Mission statement is the philosophy of business and services to build the image of the company in terms of activities currently pursued by the organization and its future. (Huber 2006).
The organization structure is a pyramid organization with seven levels in hierarchy. The communication channels are complex with a detailed reporting structure. It appears to be a centralized organization structure because of the multiple levels. There are two identified staff positions, the medical director and the financial director. Organization structure serves to provide order, distinction and framework for attainment of goals. Nurses control behavioural variations among individuals, direct flow of information, determine employee positions and provide an efficient work flow. ...
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This paper is an attempt to study the Organizational structure and nursing leadership and the management of risk. Leadership is probably the most widely researched area of organizational dynamics. This plays a crucial role in influencing the organizational structure and its culture…
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