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Healthcare practice no longer is a process of empirical care delivered by healthcare professionals, such as, doctors and nurses by practice methods learnt from seniors in the field; it is an entirely evidence-based process of analysis of problem and a process of step-wise synthesis of decision making dependent on academic learning that involves implementation of care through collaborative means by the professionals.


The synthesis of experience and academic learning happens in the course of decision making occurs in all the professionals. Due to the fact that I am a final year adult nursing student nurse, I would not be allowed to implement the care in the practice setting, but my mentor insisted that to be able to understand the actual implications and significance of collaborative care decision making process, I must get involved in one such clinical condition to be analyze the process of decision making drill to see how the principles of evidence-based care is implemented in the clinical setting. I took it as an opportunity to participate in the decision making process in the collaborative care model of healthcare practice nursing to be able to handle care better in my practice. In my opinion, the academic learning in the nursing courses become meaningful when a nurse student like me is given opportunity to actively participate in the care delivery process. ...
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