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Essay example - Hazards of Aluminium welding fume

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Health Sciences & Medicine
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More than 65,000 chemicals are currently in use in U.K with which human beings come into constant contact. Many of these chemicals are harmful and pose a serious health hazard. Numerous chemicals have been designated as hazardous to biological system and these chemicals pose an occupational health hazard to workers who are constantly in contact with them…

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The biggest problem here is that the diseases do not develop immediately but appear after a few years of exposure. The impact of pollution at workplace on productivity has been well investigated. Studies on the impact of pollution at work environment in productivity reveal a tendency of reduction in the economic activity (Marrewijk, 2005). "Sick building Syndrome" (SBS) and 'Building related illness' (BRI) gives rise to employee complaints such as headaches, dizziness, disorientation, fatigue, ear, eye and throat irritations.
The world demand for high-speed ferries and LNG tanks is being met with an increase in Aluminium welding and casting production. This has introduced a new health hazard to the Aluminium welders and ways are being probed to protect the welders against the Aluminium fumes. In the U.K, the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) regulations stipulates that the occupational expose limit for Aluminium fume should not exceed 5mgm exp 3 of air. Aluminium fumes during welding also generate quantities of ozone gas, which can cause nausea (Rabin, 1997) and unconsciousness.
Welding is a process in which metal or other thermoplastic materials are joined together by the application of heat or pore sure or both. Electric welding was introduced in 1940s. ...
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