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Causes And Effects Of Dental Caries

Bacteria are usually there in the mouth. The bacteria change all foods -- particularly sugar and starch -- into acids. Bacteria, food debris, acid and saliva unite in the mouth to form a muggy substance called plaque that sticks to the teeth. It is mainly prominent on the back molars, just over the gum line on all teeth, and at the boundaries of fillings. Plaque that is not detached from the teeth mineralizes into tartar. Tartar and Plaque annoy the gums, ensuing in gingivitis and eventually periodontitis.
Plaque initiates to gather on teeth within 20 minutes after ingestion (the time when the majority bacterial action occurs). If this plaque is not detached methodically and regularly, tooth decompose will not only start, but thrive.
The acids in plaque melt the enamel surface of the tooth and generate holes in the tooth (cavities). Cavities are generally unproblematic till they raise very large within the tooth and obliterate the nerve and blood vessels in the tooth. If it is not treated, a tooth swelling can increase. Untreated tooth decomposition also obliterates the inner structures of the tooth (pulp) and eventually sources to the loss of the tooth.
Carbohydrates (sugars andstarches) augment the danger of tooth decomposition. Sticky foods are much damaging than nonsticky foods as they stay on the surface of the teeth. ...Show more


Tooth rot or Dental Caries is one of the most common of all disorders, second simply to the ordinary cold. It generally happens with children and young adults but may affect any individual. It is the most significant reason of tooth loss in younger people.
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