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Interprofessional Learning - Book Report/Review Example

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Russell, L., Nyhof-Young, J, Abosh, B. and Robinson, S. (2006). An exploratory analysis of an interprofessional learning environment in two hospital clinical teaching units. Journal of Interprofessional Care, Vol. 20(1), 29-39
1. a) The research study under review focuses on the issues associated with implementation of effective interprofessional (IP) learning in clinical practicums…

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Interprofessional Learning

This objective is formulated to test the authors' hypothesis that the conventional learning environment does not promote positive students' attitude to collaborative practices by reinforcing the traditional disciplinary stereotypes. Another objective is to use the study findings in designing more effective (specifically in terms of timing and content) interprofessional curriculum in clinical practicums. However, the most important objective is formulated later in the study: "The point of this exploratory study was to identify effective means of analysing an IP environment" (p.38).
b) Methodological framework employed by the authors for their study implies a combined or multimethod approach which includes both quantitative and qualitative methods, though the qualitative component seems to dominate. Perhaps, such combination of different research methods is employed to reinforce validity and reliability of the findings: the authors attempt to take advantage of the strengths of each method using them in such a way to compensate for limitations of each other.
The context and objectives of the research suggests that using the qualitative methodology is absolutely justified. ...
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