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Weight loss

People may have diverse reasons on wanting to unleash some "excess baggage" in their body parts. Some engage in weight loss regimens for healthy and disease prevention, while others tries to level up self image or for aesthetic purposes. So much advertisement has offered audiences how to attain weight loss, but only very few bring about positive outcomes.To effectively reach this goal, one must understand the mechanism involve in balancing energy intake and energy expenditures in daily activities.In 1997, World Health Organization (WHO) convene the International Obesity Task Force and recommended a standard categorization of adult overweight as well as obesity according to the following BMI calculations: 25.0 to 29.9 kilogram per m2 BMI is classified as overweight; 30.0 kg per m2 BMI or higher is defined as obese (Lyznicki, Donald, Riggs and Davis, 2001, p 2185; par 3).Excess body fat leads from disproportioned energy intake (p 2185; par 4) as well as energy expenditure (total energy expenditure involves energy burnt up at rest, so with physical activity and the metabolism). The BMI is a reliable measurement for obesity and overweight and is described as a person's weight divided by square of the height of a person in kilogram or pounds.The combined intervention of a low-calorie diet, behavior therapy and increased physical activity is considered as the most effective means for weight loss. This regimen must be maintained for no less than six months. ...
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People may have diverse reasons on wanting to unleash some "excess baggage" in their body parts. Some engage in weight loss regimens for healthy and disease prevention, while others tries to level up self image or for aesthetic purposes…
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