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Betalactam Antibiotics - Essay Example

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Beta-lactam antibiotics are a widely utilised class of antibiotics in clinical treatment. However, they have not been associated with the treatment of tuberculosis. The reasons for this situation are examined, as well as the recent advances in research which point to the potential utility of these antibiotics in the tuberculosis treatment, especially in cases of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis…

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Betalactam Antibiotics

This review addresses the feasibility of utilizing members of the beta-lactam group of antibiotics in the management of tuberculosis. The first part provides an introduction into the beta-lactam antibiotics as a group, their distinguishing features, their classification, their spectrum of activity, and their mechanism of antibacterial action. Next follows a brief overview of tuberculosis as a disease which poses a peculiar challenge with drug therapy. The literature review section features an extensive overview of current research publications addressing various angles of the question of utilizing beta-lactam antibiotics in tuberculosis treatment, including results from in vitro as well as in vivo testing, clinical trials, and comments from reviewers. Finally, an appraisal of the available information is done, drawing out answers to the questions of why the beta-lactams have not been used in tuberculosis treatment, what are the issues involved, how they may be used to treat tuberculosis, what conclusions may be drawn from the literature information available, and the place of combination therapy in facilitating the utility of the beta-lactams in tuberculosis therapy.
Beta-lactam antibiotics refer to a broad class of antimicrobials ...
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