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Critical review of a food security intervention in Cuba

This paper will review the food security situation in the country and the GAO's efforts to address it. The evolution of Cuban agriculture, as well as the historical and geopolitical frameworks pertaining to it, will also be reviewed.
The Spanish arrived in Cuba in 1511 and ruled the island for more than 300 years thereafter. In 1898, the United States conquered the island in its second war with Spain. Cuba became independent in 1902, and started a democratic system where corruption and U.S. involvement in internal affairs were frequent. Discontent with this regime, together with Cuba's high income disparities and large mass of poor peasants (Alvarez, FE479 and FE480, 2004), led to the Cuban Revolution of 1959, where Fidel Castro and his followers overturned the dictatorial rule of General Fulgencio Batista. Under U.S. pressure, in particular the embargo enacted in 1960, Castro aligned Cuba politically and militarily with the Socialist bloc. A communist regime was installed, with one-party rule by the Partido Comunista de Cuba (Cuban Communist Party).
Cuba benefited from favourable trade agreements with the COMECOM. These treaties allowed it to trade oil for sugar in advantageous terms. ...
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This paper will critically analyse the actions of Cuba's Grupo de Agricultura Organica (GAO), an association which has been working since 1993 to reduce food insecurity in Cuba, a country where access to food has become more erratic since the demise of communism in the Eastern Bloc…
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