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Assignment example - Cardiac Care

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Health Sciences & Medicine
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Cardiac health is one of the most urgent concerns in medicine. It has become such a concern that the United Nations (UN), through the World Health Organization (WHO) is now approaching the fifteenth year of its efforts to promote better cardiac health care and rehabilitation (1993)…

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According to Susan Mayor (2005), the success of cardiac care programs such as the establishment of stroke units have been very encouraging and. This, together with the rising demand of services is prompting the National Health Service (NHS) to study options for their deployment. Cathy Jackson (2005) however also points out that the process will be slow because of the financial and manpower costs of services. Thus, the focus of developing stroke units must not only be in developing the centers themselves but also in developing the skills of health care professional delivering care for patients.
Strokes or cerebrovascular accident are arterial and venous acute neurological conditions that results to the reduction of blood supply to the brain which then leads to a loss of neuronal function because of cerebral perfusion (Thomson et al, 1997). However, the reality of the condition does not give a hint to its true impact and significance not only to those who suffer it but to families, friends and to the medical profession itself.
Stoke units have significantly improved the treatment and prognosis of patients. Dennis and Langhorne (1994) believe that this success must extend itself in improving education regarding stroke and other cardiac conditions and in enhancing methods and approaches for patients. ...
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