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Essay example - Contrast Inpatient verses home health care

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Health Sciences & Medicine
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With more and more technological advances especially in health care, people can now enjoy a variety of services to suit their financial and over-all health needs. The succeeding text will discuss and compare the traditional inpatient care versus the emerging home-based health care.

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There are significant differences and distinct advantages over the other between the two types of care which will be categorized according to the patient's need, quality and availability of services, cost and benefits, and family involvement.
A patient who needs close monitoring and frequent skilled nursing intervention, who has complex medication administration that cannot be safely done at home is recommended to avail of inpatient care. A medical team can provide the same monitoring for home health care but at a limited and set schedule. They may be on call 24 hours but some unforeseen emergencies despite careful monitoring can result to fatal results in a short span of time. On the other hand, some patients thrive more in their familiar home environment and their psychological comfort encourages recovery, or at least, pave the way for acceptance of their condition.
Hospitals and health care providers are taking adequate measures to ensure that there is no disparity between inpatient and home health care services. However, inpatient services are more inclined to be professional because the hospital setting tends to reinforce strict adherence to their duties, especially under the watchful eye of immediate supervisors. ...
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