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2nd patient has laboratory signs of classic hyperthyreoidism. Decreased amount of TSH in his blood could be explained by the negative feedback - it's result of hyperstimulation of receptors in the pituitary gland.
Tests for thyroid autoantibodies (antimicrosomal or anti-TPO antibodies) and antithyroglobulin (anti-Tg) could be helpful for differentiating causes of the disease.


Medical imaging and biopsy also could be applied
Endocrinic infertility, caused by the decline of testicular function. The increased level of FSH and LH is characteristic for decreased sensitivity for their stimulating effect. Thus there is evidence for primary hypogonadism.
Recommendations: The patient should restrict in his diet the amount of refined sugars and fat, eat more food rich in fibers (vegentables, fruits). The doctor should administered statins and other anti-hypercholesterolaemic drugs and provide the continuous monitoring of patient health state.
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