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Nurses Attitudes to the Importance of Nutrition

Nutritional factors are therefore one of the biggest parameters which needs constant research and assessment, as it varies with the geographical distribution and food habits of the individuals, in addition, it requires co-operation of the staff, patient and his associates. This study focuses on the importance of nutrition in the wound healing process and the attitude of nurses in Irish hospitals towards this important issue. The literature review showed that patients perceive their nurses to be caring and responsive when they are tender and compassionate towards them. However, no direct relation has as yet been established between nutrition planning and length of hospital stay, in terms of impact that nutrition planning has on the health outcome of the patients. The need for post operative care in the case of wound healing has been fully established through the literature review. It is manifested that the level of care that a patient receives determines the prospects of recovery.' It is therefore essential for nurses to understand this aspect of patient care, especially in the case of nurses' attitude towards wound healing and nutrition for the patient undergone surgery. ...
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Various research surveys have been carried out in diverse hospitals all over the world, to develop an understanding about the incidences of clinical and subclinical cases of malnutrition. It was reported that like other forms of injuries and infections; lack of nutrition and care can also influence the process of healing and recovery…
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