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Abortion issues in America

There is another issue of gender abortion, mainly amongst people from Asian countries settled in America, though female infanticide is not limited only to Asian countries. Abortion is a social problem in America. People with modern viewpoints are comfortable with it and others with rigid and fanatical views are against it. There is also a minority, who supports both, rather apologetically and argues that the issue should be tackled according to the situation without being suffused by emotional turmoil. Instead of bristling with moral fanatism, it is beneficial to keep an open mind on the issue and act as circumstances dictate.Before 1973, abortion was illegal in America, unless the mother's health or life was threatened, but now it is legalized making it the choice of the mother to decide with the well known Roe vs. Wade decision. Today, even though legalized abortion has become a part of everyday life, arguments for and against have not stopped raging. There are public education projects, so that woman does not develop guilt and regret and they encourage women to take it in their stride. It is reported that nowadays abortions are mainly performed due to men, and women are sometimes forced into it ...
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Abortion is a thorny issue in most of the countriesPeople are passionate in expressing their points of view and this debate has always remained sensitive.People like Frank Pavone had been forcing media to show the horrifying effects of an abortion …
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