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Are childhood obesity and test scores related? - Essay Example

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Author : joehermann
Health Sciences & Medicine
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This essay describes the scale of the problem of the obesity and its consequences not only on health but also on the quality of life. Child obesity has become a chronic problem – one that has far reaching negative consequences and has acquired epidemic proportions in the 21st century…

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Are childhood obesity and test scores related?

This essay "Are Child Obesity and Test Scores related?" aims to research the correlation between obesity and test scores. The health problems that have a high chance of occurrence due to obesity are of a wide variety such as – emotional problems, psychological problems, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, sleep problems, cancer and other such chronic diseases. Obesity during adolescence has also been found to lead to increase mortality rates during adulthood. The various categories of diseases which obese children are at risk of suffering are endocrine, gastrointestinal, muscular, cardiovascular, respiratory, neurological, psychological, dermatological, etc.
Considering the high percentage of obesity occurrence among children and the severe probable consequence, there has been a significant amount of research conducted to find out the possible causes of the obesity in children as well as various measures needed to bring down the proportion of obese and overweight children.
Various researches and surveys have found the following to be some of the causes of obesity and overweight in children –
1. Dietary Causes – eating fatty foods, frequent eating in restaurants, irregular food habits, high intake of fast foods, soft drink consumption and such are found to be dietary causes of obesity
2. Sedentary Lifestyle – Physical inactivity of children is one of the serious causes leading to obesity in children. The reasons for physical activities are mainly due to doing stationary activities like playing video games, watching TV, etc.

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