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Stimulant drug misuse strategies and treatment options available

This paper serves to argue the effectiveness of the harm reduction theory to fulfill reduction of criminal offense and drug misusers. There is the danger of the commissioned drug treatment services to post as accomplice to the generation of a growing population of legally walking addicts and offenders.
The criminal justice system (CIS) has a large portion of arrestees in England which at their time of arrest were tested positive for one or more drugs. Almost 63% of London arrestees were tested positive for heroin or cocaine use. It is acknowledged that these drug users and offenders made up a significant proportion of the criminal justice population. Referral schemes aims to exploit opportunities provided by arrest that may lead to coerce drug users to seek treatment. Arrest referral schemes aims to bridge the gap between the CIS and treatment services by identification of drug user detainees and referring them to treatment right after arrest. Referral is not considered as an alternative to prosecution in U.K. courts. This is a proactive local treatment services strategy where drug courts seeks to combine judicial supervision, sanctions and comprehensive treatment, random and frequent drug testing part of regular case management and reviews to commissioning support services. Imprisonment in England and Wales offers drug users Counseling, Assessment, Referral, Advice and Throughcare (CARAT) services which was established in 1999. CARAT offers drug using prisoner’s assessment, detoxification and access to a range of post release support services in the community. Detoxification includes counseling, abstinence programs, self-help groups and help in any event of relapse. ...
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Patients were commonly referred to multidisciplinary community services, rehabilitation facilities which include prescribing and detoxification. …
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