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Trauma Management

Considering the frequency and pervasiveness of trauma, it is essential for us counselors to have full comprehension of the psychological, emotional, and spiritual impact trauma imposes on people, and the treatment methods for repairing the damage.
My work as a counselor involves working with two organizations; these clients are mainly victims of the troubles. The approaches that I use are Person Centered, Cognitive approach and its interventions and occasionally I use the S.A.F.E Model (Mitchell 1998) along with some self- help books.
Since 1973, much of what has been written about crisis/hostage negotiation has focused on the various motivational or psychological characteristics of perpetrators, the effects of being held captive e.g. the Stockholm syndrome and the emotional responses of hostage takers. Such information has been particularly helpful in increasing understanding about the effects of high stress on both subjects and negotiators. The S.A.F.E. model (Mitchell 1998) represents one important framework for developing crisis negotiation strategy, defined as a communication plan to influence the behavior of the subject e.g., hostage taker or suicidal individual to peacefully surrender or assist in a tactical resolution. The S.A.F.E. ...
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The ominous clutches of trauma hang on gravely into people's lives. Both those who are directly involved in a traumatic incident and those who responded to the emergency and the caregivers are all tortured and anguished. Even society itself is wronged when random and senseless misfortunes are experienced by those among us who are no more vulnerable than we are…
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