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Teeth may be lost through dental diseases, trauma or be congenitally absent. Missing teeth and supporting oral tissues have traditionally been replaced with removable dentures or fixed partial dentures permitting restoration of masticatory, phonetic, function, and aesthetics. …


There are two categories of complications that occur in implant therapy: biological and technical. Biological complications refer to disturbances in the function of the implant characterized by biological processes that affect the tissues supporting the implant. They can be distinguished into early and late losses. Biological complications also include reactions in the peri-implant hard and soft tissues, and the detection of such complications requires adequate clinical, and radiographic examination methods. Mechanical complications serve as a collective term for mechanical damage of the implant/implant components and suprastructures. The success rate for modem implants is very good. Recent data from long-term clinical trials have shown success rates of more than 95% at the end of five years and 90% after 10 years. ...
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