Essay sample - Nursing Care of Constipation in Older Person with Dementia

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Introduction: Constipation is more common in older people because of the loss of muscle tone in the bowel. The older persons often experience difficulty passing stools, and this can lead to the bowels being opened with a frequency less than in normal individuals…


Many older people take medications that can lead to constipation, and regular reviews of medication should be undertaken to avoid taking too many inappropriate medicines, which is often the case with these individuals. Constipation is usually treated by aperients; however excessive use of them may lead to other problems. Thus, the nursing care must include some plans to manage constipation other than laxatives or aperients. These include increased attention is given to activity, nutrition, fluids, and the minimisation of medicines that have constipating effects. Regarding medication use, nurses are uniquely placed to encourage the quality use of medicines. Every drug that is administered to people with dementia should have a clearly documented rationale, and should be monitored and evaluated carefully (Bradshaw and Merriman, 2007).
Evidence from Current Literature: Constipation is also one of the biggest causes of confusion in older people, but is often overlooked. Moreover memory loss due to any reason may cause constipation. Constipation is one of the very common complaints of these patients for the reasons already explained, and this may pain or other physical discomforts. Sometimes there is a tendency of the healthcare personnel to ascribe physical discomfort as a normal part of ageing, and they tend to underestimate it (Saddichha and Pandey, 2008). ...
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