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Essay example - Issues in Acute Care: Mental Health

Health Sciences & Medicine
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Many people seek services when in a crisis. This can be described as a sudden onset or relapse of mental illness or distress, which renders the individual and/or caregiver unable to cope with normal circumstances…

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Best practice in collaboration should be based on building a trusting, open relationship between service user, caregiver and service provider. Furthermore, this should incorporate building service users' strengths and developing coping strategies which are all underpinned by the recovery approach. These approaches should all be based on knowledge of the individual service user and applying evidence-based research to enhance a positive outcome. This essay will discuss the contributions to a client's recovery of utilising a collaborative approach to assessment within an acute ward.Recovery is a very unique, personal experience which sees service users tackling and adapting to mental illness. By giving service users access to key helpers, factors (i.e. psychotherapy, medication, focus groups and peer support) aids recovery and give a sense of optimism and hope for the future.
In clinical practice, acute care is viewed as a one-stop-shop where radical life-saving interventions are implemented in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment and where a crisis is established. In contrast to this, acute care in psychiatry is viewed as the poor relation where service users find themselves being failed by a service that itself is in a state of crisis. Furthermore, because psychiatry relies heavily on the medical model, other recognised interventions are not being offered. Psychiatric services seem on the surface to be radical or time-consuming. ...
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