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AIDS Epidemic in Africa

This is due to the intense effort of government and non-government organizations to push large-scale media and education prevention programs since the mid eighties. Resulting in a drop of infection from 14% of the population in the early 1990's to 8% in 2000 (Feachem 2007:Internet).
Africa is a beautiful continent with its many countries, animals and diversity. Despite these positive aspects, Africa is suffering from one of the world's worst AIDS epidemics. Every Saturday, nearby cemeteries are busy with the arrival of people who have died from AIDS. It is said that in South Africa, one of every ten people has AIDS. Some 17 million people in Africa have died representing almost 80% of AIDS deaths worldwide. This is the equivalent of the combined populations of New York City and Los Angeles. There is a conspiracy of silence fuelling the spread of HIV in Africa. For example, in Johannesburg, it has one of the fastest growing infection rates for around. AIDS is now South Africa's leading cause of death. By the year 2010, HIV prevalence in adults is projected to reach 25% of the total population. South Africa is projected to have the highest AIDS death rate until 2015. At that point, the population will have decreased to the point that the death rate will no longer be as high as in other areas.
Demographics show that those most affected by AIDS are women and children. ...
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Africa is the worst hit continent in the world by HIV/AIDS. Botswana has 35.8% of it's adult population infected. South Africa comes second with 19.9% infected with HIV. Zimbabwe life expectancy has dropped from 65 to 43 years as a direct result of HIV/AIDS…
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